Sidevisninger i alt

lørdag den 7. maj 2016

10 facts about Denmark.

1: Denmark is friendly, but we keep to ourself on public transport because we do not wish to impose.

2: We speak English well, and like to speak it so do not be afraid to ask us about directions when in Copenhagen.

3: We valiue familly more than most people, this is why many live home while studying.

4: We have free healthcare, this is posible because of our taxes which is one of the highest in the world "25-50%".

5: We are not socialy open, but when you get to know us we protect our friends with our life.

6: We eat a lot of open faced sandwiches of ryebread , wich we do love "laughs".

7: We work 37 hours a week, and it is normal to have weekends off, and are normaly paid exstra for weekend work.

8 : we have a security net, that means we get gevorment aid when unemployed, we get just enough to survive so we can focus on finding work.

9 : We have paid education, this mean we get paid to go to school even good at that , we can also accept cheap student loans untop of that.

10 : This last fact is not well known but our queen can over rule the laws, that means if she dose not like a law, she can over turn it...This has not been used in a long time (not in my life time, other Danes please correct me if I am wrong)

Enjoy : Dave.