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onsdag den 24. juni 2015

the question of the day : 06.24.2015

If you could live the live of another person, who would it be and why?

Hello World.

Hey all yellingmute here.

So I am redoing this blog, it will now post one question a day, and this question will be desicussed till the coming day.

I invite you all to participate in this .


fredag den 15. marts 2013

Where is the love?

The world is a sad place to be right now, the people of today is so egosentric it is hurting me .

To know what I am on about let us invistigate the word ego, the word Ego is derived from latin meaning one self or the being of self.

when people speak of egosentrism they talk about being to self absorbed, loudmouthed , greedy and/or boasting.

All of whom I know of today have these traits and most use them daily and that I ain't happy with, but I mean to know why people do it.

People use egosentrism to protect themselves as most feel vulnerable and tend to boast to fend off the attacker or to play it tough.

Please have a word on this subject.


torsdag den 31. januar 2013

Money, Money Money.

The world economics is in shambles, and we are mostly all part of it.

Touched breifly in my former post , we are possesed by getting the best of the best.

See we are inslaved by maketing tricks, to by the best and the most exspencive things.
Even though deep inside we all know secondhand copy makes, can be just as good.

I wish we could go back to basics and just trade our way to what we wanted, but then the world would realy colide.

Without going to deep into an ocean on witch I cant reach the ground, I will just say without money there would be more viollence do to some people owning more meterial or riches then others.

I see that even if we could or did go back to basics, it would be the same ordeal but with defferent matter of enrichment.

What is your take on this.

And if you have a question you wish me to answer, or a remark please state them in the comments.


The world is burning, wake up!.

The world is slowly dieing, it is not because of polution or melting ice.

No it is simply because mankind of today have lost most of their kindness.

I might sound rude but I have come to the conclution, that we as mankind itself has gotten to egocentric.

I hate to admit that I have become one of them, striving for the best of the best..And nothing shall stand in my way of getting it..I could hate myself for days.

We say the world is full of love..Well look at the wars we raise to found our own greed.

Please if you wish to hear my view on other subjects.

Post me a question.